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Emulsion PaintEmulsion Paint - Emulsion paints from Dulux to Crown paints, interior paint colors and an emulsion definition. Read about how to paint a room, Dulux paint, asphalt emulsion, acrylic polymer emulsion & Crown paints.

Interior paint colors vary in shade, texture and suitable combination. When buying interior paint many customers use a color chart to view interior color examples and combinations which work well.

Color wheel chart
Color Wheel Chart (Click to enlarge)

Color charts are the most commonly used method of choosing and comparing interior paint colors, these can usually be found in hardware and DIY stores, color charts give a good idea of what the paint combination will look like together in your house, sometimes customers like the color of some interior paints but later find out they are not so attractive when put together, color wheels and interior paint charts prevent this from happening.

Interior paint colors can come in hundreds of different shades, after selecting a specific color from a color wheel of color chart the color can then be mixed, paint mixers are used to get the specific shade of interior paint colors.

Paint mixer (Click to enlarge)
Paint Mixer (Click to enlarge)

There are also many computer programs which enable people to see what their home would look like in specific interior paint colors before they apply the paint to their home. These programs work by using scanned images of a room and allowing the user to change the interior paint colors of the walls.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Bob Vila - Home paint color selections and environment schemes.

Behr Paint - Interior paint colors, products and schemes, buy online US shipping.

Sherwin Williams are a popular supplier of interior paints and blending paint colors, their products are available from many stores in the US.

Duration home paint (Click to enlarge)
Duration Home Paint (Click to enlarge)

The Sherwin Williams Description for Duration Home interior paint:

  • The ultimate in beauty and washability
  • Developed with patented cross-linking technology
  • Most stains wipe clean with water
  • Cleans without leaving shiny burnish marks, even on matt finishes
  • Resists household stains better than any other interior paint
  • Keeps your room as beautiful as the day it was painted

    Superpaint interior latex paint (Click to enlarge)
    Superpaint Interior Latex Paint (Click to enlarge)

    The Sherwin Williams Description for Superpaint interior paint:

  • Their best-selling interior paint
  • Provides a "color-full" look with a rich, glowing finish
  • Ideal for showcase rooms, such as dining rooms, foyers and living rooms
  • Covers well, a good choice for major color changes
  • Can be used on drywall and plaster; paneling and wood; metal; concrete and masonry; and over wall coverings
  • Available in Flat, Satin and Semi-Gloss sheens

    The duration home, and Superpaint range comes in a wide variety of interior paint colors, prices range from $5.00 for a small quantity up to $15.00 for larger tins.

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