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Emulsion PaintEmulsion Paint - Emulsion paints from Dulux to Crown paints, interior paint colors and an emulsion definition. Read about how to paint a room, Dulux paint, asphalt emulsion, acrylic polymer emulsion & Crown paints.

Interior paint is the fastest and most customizable way of adding color to an interior room. Interior paint can come in both gloss and matt finishes and has the potential to be blended into different colors and shades.

Interior house paint (Click to enlarge)
Interior House Paint (Click to enlarge)

Many different brands and colors of interior paint are stocked by DIY and hardware stores, customers are able to choose from a wide range of colors which they think will suit their home.

Interior paint uses gloss and matt finishes to give different effects to an interior room. Gloss paint will reflect light a little more than matt paint which gives it a slight shine, matt interior paint is simply color on the wall which will look less shiny that gloss. Gloss paint offers more water resistance than matt paint which makes it more suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Decorating Direct sell both gloss and matt types of interior paint.

Macpherson gloss paint
Macpherson Gloss Paint (Click to enlarge)

Macpherson gloss paint is a very durable alkyd based (solvent-borne) high gloss finish, for the protection and decoration of all properly prepared interior and exterior surfaces.

This paint's attributes include:

  • Extremely durable
  • Highly washable
  • Suitable for use both outside and inside
  • Low dirt retention

    1.00 litre - 7.48
    2.50 litre - 13.98
    5.00 litre - 19.98

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    Color codes and color chart indicators can be used to identify attractive color schemes and designs, many hardware stores will have a paint mixing machine which allows customers to mix any colors of their choice to form their chosen color. Small color strips are used to show the color of the interior paint before it is mixed.

    Color chart (Click to enlarge)
    Color Charts (Click to enlarge)

    Macpherson vinyl matt paint has an attractive matt finish, based on a blend of polymers that provide good durability to produce a washable surface resistant to yellowing and fading.

    Macpherson vinyl matt paint (Click to enlarge)
    Macpherson Vinyl Matt Paint (Click to enlarge)

    Suitable for interior use on walls and ceilings. Matt finishes are generally used where it is undesirable to have any sort of reflection or sheen, for example surfaces which are uneven or have imperfections.

  • Matt finish
  • Durable and washable surface
  • Water-borne - brushes and equipment clean up in water.

    10.00 litre - 29.98
    2.50 litre - 10.98
    5.00 litre - 15.98

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